We are continually involved with raising investment funds for a wide range of theatrical productions along with numerous cultural and arts initiatives.


Investment and Showbusiness

Anthony Field Associates is very active in raising investment funds for productions, either our own co- productions, or jointly with other companies, and in advising on capital funding for a wide variety of cultural projects.

Our client base includes both individuals and companies, who wish to invest in theatrical productions. We are pleased to advise and assist our clients with detailed explanations as to how productions are financed, what role the investors play and the extent of their legal and financial rights in a show.

As Chair of the School of Performing Arts Ltd, Anthony Field with Mark Featherstone-Witty pioneered training over a wide variety of music, dance and drama classes. Together with Sir Richard Branson, funds were raised from the British recording industry which led to the formation of the Britschool at Selhurst. Having established its own constitution it is now a successful school for young aspiring performers.

We also helped raise some £20 million to build and equip the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts - this was achieved firstly from the generous sponsorship of Sir Paul McCartney and also with funding from the National Lottery, European arts finance and a great many sponsors and individuals.

Anthony Field Associates Ltd has created and administers an ever-growing investment circle for clients interested in investing in the exciting world of the performing arts.

Our involvements over the last 50 years have been many, but a few of the shows we have been privileged to be financially involved with are listed here.

For more information on current investment opportunities and to discuss your specific interests, please contact us directly or through our Contact page.